How Scent triggers emotions? – Scent Psychology Facts!

The American Marketing Association reports that an attractive scent can entice customers to stay up to 44 percent longer in business. Certain scents can induce hunger, increase alertness, and encourage purchases — but why?

The smell is the strongest out of 5 senses. It is directly linked to the parts of the brain that control memory and emotion. For this reason, scents can influence involuntary reactions and opinions. For example, a Brown University study found that females experienced more heightened brain activity when smelling a women’s perfume associated with a positive memory than when given any other sensory cue. This indicates that smell could be more powerful in evoking memory and emotion than even sight.

This can have a positive effect, such as when a person is brought back in time by a candle scent smelling similar to cookies their grandmother used to make. It can also work in reverse by triggering negative emotions, like a Vietnam veteran who experiences disturbing memories and feelings of guilt at the smell of diesel.

By leveraging the positive emotions triggered by top-selling fragrances, companies can communicate to their customers that their product is valuable. This technique can also be used to influence employee behavior, increasing productivity, and satisfaction. It can also be used to promote a certain theme or product, drawing attention to it through a related scent.

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