Scent marketing: How scent could benefit your brand – Scent marketing is the practice of using aroma to enhance brand image and customer experience. This marketing technique allows the brand to communicate its identity toward customers precisely without a need for any word spoken. This practice has been used across many industries, retail, restaurants, and hospitality are great examples. Scent marketing is not just deploying any scent but a carefully curated one for each brand since different scent works in a different way.

How scent could benefits your brand?

You might wonders why scent marketing has been a popular practice for many industries. Scientific research implies that scent is undoubtedly the strongest out of 5 senses for influencing human emotions and memories. Brands have been using pleasant aroma to communicate their identity on an emotional level by associating the brand’s fragrance with the customer’s experience. Every time customers smell this fragrance, it will trigger the past memories from the experience related to the brand. Thus, reinforcing the brand into a deeper recognition level.

Moreover, the scent itself enhances an in-store experience for customers. The study found that customers spent their time more in the store with pleasuring aroma while the scent also boosts their intention to purchase!

However, the overwhelming use of scent in-store can interfere with the customer’s experience. The scent should be subtle enough to be noticeable but not too overwhelming that creates in-store pollution for customers. One obvious case is Abercrombie & Fitch overwhelmingly deploys their fragrance in-store causing serious anxiety for shoppers, and driving them away.

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