The allure of attracting customers through
brand-building with scents marketing

Do you know that 'branding with scents' affects emotions?

Did you know that nowadays, everyone is ‘branding with scents’ to help create a difference and tell their own brand story? Globally renowned businesses choose to take advantage and design their unique scent. Because scent is the most primal of human senses, the one we can perceive first and remember the longest. We can leave a lasting impression, and enhance memorable experiences for customers by ‘branding with scents’ that you can design yourself.

How does branding with scents benefit businesses?

1. Improve brand recognition

Branding with scents can create a new dimension to explore within products and brands. Because scent is an emotional trigger, it affects human feelings up to 75%. Furthermore, it sets brands apart. Think about the pleasant scents of Bath and Body Works, for instance. Whenever you catch a whiff, you immediately know it’s from that store. If you can make customers associate a unique scent with your brand and remember it, making them want to visit, it’s undoubtedly beneficial.

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2. Improve customer experience

Creating a lasting impression and a positive customer experience from the beginning to the end of the service is something that should be ingrained in the customer’s memory. Therefore, the relaxing feeling, reducing stress, can create an unforgettable purchasing experience for customers, as scents help keep the emotions in memory. Research shows that humans can remember scents for years, even if they haven’t physically touched them because scent-based memories only fade by about 35%, whereas visual memories can fade up to 60% after a year.

3. Increase time spending on shop

Pleasant scents can influence and make buyers feel at ease, warm, and familiar. This encourages customers to spend more time in the store, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase, even if they initially had no intention to buy. Everyone may have been at a time when they entered a store to wait for a friend to shop, and we often browse around and suddenly feel compelled to make a purchase when we’re at the checkout counter.
Experimental results show that customers spend up to 44% more time in scented areas, and spending more time in the store increases the chances of making a purchase.

4. Increase Sale

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal of scent marketing. Research shows that scents can stimulate purchases by up to 10-15% per customer. Even renowned companies like Nike have not missed the opportunity to try scent branding strategies, which have proven to yield results beyond expectations. Additionally, it can lead to an up to 80% increase in sales. Many other large companies also leverage the power of scents to boost their sales, including establishments like Las Vegas casinos, coffee shops at gas stations in the United States, Cinnabon bakeries, and scents from popular product packages like Hershey’s chocolate.

5. Encourage repurchasing

According to a survey by Bain & Company, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. This is why many brands aim to encourage repeat purchases. To achieve this, brands must create memorable experiences, encompassing service, image, emotions, and the surrounding scents that stay in the customer’s memory over time.

6. Increase productivity

Happy and efficient employees can build good relationships with customers, create lasting impressions, and drive sales. Research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that scents can enhance workplace efficiency by 31%, increase sales by 37%, and stimulate creativity by up to 31%. Scents not only improve work efficiency but also help boost enthusiasm, reduce stress, anxiety, and anger, and promote attention to detail.

7. Attract new customer

The delightful scent is a powerful motivator that draws customers into the store and piques their curiosity about new brands. Scent, as it links directly to the brain, can create a variety of first impressions. Attracting new customers through the creation of memorable experiences that trigger repeat purchases is a well-established marketing strategy. It not only adds uniqueness but also fosters brand loyalty.

The benefits of scent marketing have a positive impact on businesses, such as creating initial impressions, fostering memorable experiences, and invoking recollection in customers. This leads to the ultimate outcomes of increased sales and brand loyalty. Although scent branding doesn’t require complex steps, it should be managed by fragrance experts since scent plays a significant role in the brand’s image and marketing strategy to engage customers effectively.

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