What is Brand Archetype? How is it use in Scent Branding?

Brand Archetype
Brand Archetype คืออะไร
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Brand Archetype is universally familiar character that people use to perceive a brand and traits. It is essentially helps a brand effectively reaching target audience and strengthen brand’s concept. Brand Archetype was first defined by Carl Gustav Jung, a psychologist from Switzerland, he categorize brands into 12 archetypes as below.

Brand Archetype
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  1. Innocent : They have a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life. They’re pure and honest, with no ill-wills toward anybody. Scent match by Vibeslab : Mela, Fleur, Rose field, Nectarine Blossom, Blanc, London Ruby, Happy Melon, French Vanilla, Blu Detox, Diptyque Doson.
iconic fox archetypes innocent-1

2. Lover : The lover desires to be desired. Intimacy, closeness and sensual pleasure are what the lover seeks.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Midnight Rose, Diptyque Baies, French Vanilla, Brunello, Pastel, London Ruby, Nectarine Blossom, Rose Field, Fleur, Rosemary Bread, Romeo.

iconic fox archetypes lover

3. Jester : all about having fun and living life in the moment. They see it as their duty to be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life around them.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Lemon Sencha, Mela, Happy Melon, Brunello, London Ruby, Malibu, Capri, French Vanilla, Double Expresso, Rosemary Bread, Diptyque Baies.

iconic fox Atchetypes infographic

4. Explorer : Push themselves outside of comfort zone. They are brave, adventurous and love a challenge.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Neroli Portofino, Santal 33, Aromatic Wood, Diptyque Philosokos, Champ Elysee, Capri, Malibu, Brunello, Tuscan Leather, Cigar Bar, Cedar Atlas, Eau Savage, Bleu, Ocean Breeze, Colonia, Earl Grey Tea, Romeo.

iconic fox archetypes explorer-2

5. Outlaw : They desire for revolution partly to change the world for the better and partly for the anarchy involved. They have a disdain for rules, regulation and conformity that would remove any form of their freedom.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Ocean Breeze, Eau Savage, Romeo, Tuscan Leather, Cigar Bar, Cedar Atlas, Santal 33.

iconic fox archetypes outlaw-1

6. Sage : Seeker of truth, knowledge and wisdom. They are life-long learners and enjoy expressing their knowledge with philosophical conversations. 

Scent match by Vibeslab : Milano, Artisan, Cigar Bar, Tuscan Leather, Galleria, Gin Tonic, Zen, Ceylon Tea, Diptyque Baies, Diptyque Philosokos, Diptyque Doson, Aromatic Wood, Santal 33, Neroli Portofino, Milano, Alpine Drive, Moss Garden, Cedar Palazzo, Red Tea, Bamboo White Tea, White Tea.

iconic fox archetypes sage

7. Hero : Main motivation is to prove their worth through courage and determination.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Milano, Artisan, Galleria, Cedar Atlas, Eau Savage, Moss Garden, Cedar Palazzo, Colonia.

iconic fox archetypes hero

8. Magician : Strives to make dreams come true through somewhat mystical ways.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Romeo, Cigar Bar, Tuscan Leather, Galleria, Brunello, Champs Elysee, Zen, Ceylon Tea, Aesop Cythera, Diptyque Baies, Aromatic Wood, Santal 33, White Tea.

iconic fox archetypes magician

9. Everyman : They tend to blend into society as ‘everybody” and don’t like to stand out in the crowd. They’re friendly and easy to talk without being overly funny or overly rude or overly loud.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Gin Tonic, Rosemary Bread, Double Expresso, Sub Zero, Aesop Cythera, Ocean Breeze, Mela, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Magnolia Tea.

iconic fox archetypes everyman

10. Caregiver : Selfless personality who is driven by the desire to protect and care for others.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Milano, Artisan, Nectarine Blossom, Lemon Sencha, Gin Tonic, Power Lavender, Barber Shop, Blu Detox, Ceylon Tea, Aesop Cythera, Aromatic Wood, White Patchouli, Cedar Atlas, Fleur, Mela, Alpine Drive, Rose field, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Magnolia Tea, Rea Tea, Bamboo White Tea, Lemon Sencha.

iconic fox archetypes caregiver

11. Creator : Desire to create something new and exceptional, that wasn’t previously there, and has enduring value.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Milano, Artisan, Cigar Bar, Diptyque Philosokos, Santal 33, Neroli Portofino, Leather, Cedar Atlas, Bleu, White Tea.

iconic fox archetypes creator

12. Ruler :  Desires control above all else and is a dominant personality. They are authoritative in their communication and in their actions and carry a sense of intimidation.

Scent match by Vibeslab : Milano, Eau Savage, Bleu, Leather, Galleria, Barber Shop, Leather, Moss Garden, Cedar Palazzo, Colonia, Cedar Atlas.

iconic fox archetypes ruler 1
What are the scents for these world-wide top brands? By Vibeslab

So How do we utilize Brand Archetype in Scent branding?

Vibeslab effectively studying on our clients’ target markets, product availability, social media presence, interior design, and even brand DNA. These all use to identify their brand archetypes. From there, we select the scents by Vibeslab that is best suit with the brand. We both offer customization scent package, to ensure that your brand is one of a kind, with a free consult with scent specialist. Also, offer over 60 scent fragrances to choose from.

“The right scent will communicate a clear, likeable brand identity. It is not only helps to enhance great ambience but also trigger memories, maximize brand recall, and fulfill customer experiences.”

If you want to find out your Brand Archetype, just click the link to play the quiz >> : brand-archetype-quiz

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